Thursday, March 25, 2010

Absurd Idea of Superiority

It is very easy for us to believe in superiority of self, our pedigree, our genes, our caste, our race or religion. This gives us a false sense of self-worth. This gives us an egotistical high. In order to differentiate ourselves from others, we try to portray them as less human than us or as more mortal than us. Although, at the core of our heart we know that all of us were created equal. All of us were born with our hand open, body naked, mind receptive and heart pure. Even then, soon enough we learn to believe and prove our superiority over others in every conceivable terms we can think of and on every occasion we can do so. No matter how strange it seems, it keeps us consumed through out our lives. Most of the hatred, war and terror are just outcome of this false sense of superiority that we try to force upon others. We keep on living intoxicated only to realize on last day of our life-journey that we are again going back empty handed and body naked as same as all others. Finally, life makes it as equal as it can be!

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