Monday, March 29, 2010

Lucky Few

Most of the times, our parents/guardians want us to do something or act in a certain way because of their own social insecurities, fear, suppressed dreams and desires. It is a very basic reflection of what they really wanted to be and be seen as in the society. They try to play their own imaginary autobiography onto our life.

People from middle class socio-economic background face more of this kind of parental pressure. These families have their basic needs met and they aspire to be noticed in the society; to let the people see their socio-economic worth and appreciate it. Unknowingly, they enter in to a rat-race pretending they never care about this relative affluence and so called societal pecking order.

People from lower and upper socio-economic background are on the relatively safer side. One of them is just too busy gathering daily necessities of life and so never has time and inclination to think about so called aspiration. Another class has already achieved so much that they feel powered with it and fear nothing; sometimes even law and order . They hardly care for any societal norms and live inside their own closed yet affluent and fancy walls oblivious to the outside world.

Some of us are very lucky who have got such caring and understanding parents who never wanted us to be what they wanted but allowed us to choose our own path and florish in our own way. I am such a lucky man amongst the few. Even when I decided against attending any school just after class 8th, they never forced me to go to a school. They always believed in me and loved me unconditionally. I love you Papa! I love you Mom! Thanks for being there for me always with your affectionate smile and forgiving heart :)

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